To many, psy trance isn’t a big deal. Yet, there are countless festivals across the world in dedication to the genre. Ozora, MO:DEM, BOOM Festival and Universo Paralello are some that come to mind. Regardless of it’s popularity or lack thereof, in the US; the genre blossoms worldwide. It’s artists are some of the most in demand and highest paid in all of electronica, not including the main stage mammoths. Therefore, it comes as an immense surprise that Miami of all places will be graced with the presence of one of psy’s biggest names. Apex Presents has been promoting a new wave of trance and other genres into the Miami scene that have long since been lacking. South Floridians finally get the missing element needed of the electronic music community.

A promotion group such as Apex Presents isn’t usually one that holds up against the rapid changing tastes in Miami. But, with the man heading the pack, Luccio; the promo group has seen rapid success and longevity thus far. Last summer, Apex Presents brought forth a wicked line up of summer artists. All of which was a fire that carried into Miami Music Week and again, now for this summer 2018. The most notable of which is one of psy’s biggest and in demand artists: Ace Ventura.

Ace Ventura is a legend in the psy trance community. Ace specializes in multiple sub genres under the psy umbrella with projects such as Alpha Portal with Astrix and other various back to back acts. Most important of all is taking note how rare of a performance this is. Someone of Ace’s caliber is always in demand so this was without a doubt a herculean feat for Apex Presents. It’s safe to say that this will be a lengthy set. It’s perfect for an artist to develop their set out versus an hour set to lash out hits. Check out one of his mixes below.

Ace Ventura is only the start of another intense summer with Apex Presents. The events extend out into end of August and for those with varied taste, isn’t just trance. With appearances from the likes of Yotto from the Anjunadeep camp, Cocodrills and others, there’s something for all. Apex Presents has been breaking in a new home at a new venue Treehouse MiamiMost important of all, the atmosphere and mood brought by loyal patrons of Apex Presents is the best one can find in Miami. Tickets are flying and are available at: And check out all the scheduled events below:


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