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“The album itself carries the feel of stopping by Slynk’s place unannounced. It’s finding the first piece of furniture on his lawn, flopping down, and cracking a beer.”
“An uplifting and vivacious coalescence of bubbly synths, grooving melodies, and lively percussion rhythms punctuated by catchy vocal samples, this LP is a real treat for Glitch Hop and Funk enthusiasts.”
-Raver Rafting
“The future is now for this funky pairing. If I’m not mistaken, that’s a house vibe from these glitch gods.”
-The Untz on Mr. Bill collab “I Got Dis”
“We can count on Aussie producer Slynk for funky, glitchy dance tracks.”
Sometimes you find inspiration for music in the most unlikely places. Australian glitch hop and funk producer Slynk found Front Yard Futon at a yard sale he and his housemates had last summer, which quickly turned into a party. “As our friends dropped by unannounced to check out what we were selling, it reminded me of the days before cell phones when you’d just drop by to see your friends instead of texting and calling,” says Slynk. “I wanted to try and capture those nostalgic good vibes with the title and the artwork of the album.”
With its upbeat, funky style, this album definitely encapsulates that feeling, and makes the perfect soundtrack to an afternoon spent in the sun or a long drive with the windows down. Much like the music of Slynk’s labelmate and longtime friend Mr. Bill, who is featured on two tracks, this album occupies an unusual space where it has the depth and complexity to be suited to casual listening, but also the excitement and intensity to move a dancefloor at a live show.
Like the party that inspired its creation, this LP is full of cameo appearances from Slynk’s friends, including Dunks of The Funk Hunters and JPOD The Beat Chef, among many others. As one of Australia’s leading funky breakbeat DJ/producers, Slynk has been supported by artists like A.Skillz and Krafty Kuts, and has had his music played on BBC 6Music by Craig Charles. He also has played Shambhala‘s Fractal Forest stage 4 times, as well as several other festivals around Canada, where he currently lives.

1. Front Yard Futon (ft. AfroQBen & Max Ribner)
2. Toys
3. I Got Dis (ft. Mr. Bill)
4. Just Stay There (ft. JPOD The Beat Chef)
5. Wiggle It
6. Graffiti Alley (ft. Beat Fatigue)
7. Say Yeah (ft. Dunks)
8. Inside
9. Get Into My Groove (ft. Mr. Bill & Timothy Wisdom)
10. Again (ft. Stereocool & Ace)
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