One of the Future Sound of Egypt label’s most exclusive, Fady and Mina recently made their debuts across two coasts of the United States. The result was simply extraordinary. The general consensus has become that they were easily in the top three best sets at Dreamstate. Among the 65 quality artists on the line up, it is not an easy feat. Combining the best uplifting vocal tracks, the new, the classics and proper tech trance, they tore through the hearts of their audience at Dreamstate in San Bernardino. In New York for the FSOE 500 celebration, even included a dash of psy trance tracks that came to heat up the early hours of the morning to close the event.

Despite a small number of releases per year, the duo puts out nothing but quality tracks. Fady and Mina are set up to reach audiences across the globe. Not to mention take on the mantel of being essential artists to witness in the world of trance. One thing is certain among all others: It was quite the journey for them to come to the United States and they delivered big time.



Juan Baer: First and foremost hello and thank you for this; Do you guys ever get confused with Aly & Fila seeing as how your stage names are similar in a way?

Fady and Mina: Thank you so much for having us! Hmm, well I think it is just the Rhyming names but people see us as completely different acts. At the beginning, it might have been confusing for some people, but yeah! Guess it is resolved somehow.

J.B: Why did you decide on this for stage names?

F&M: We did not decide anything actually; it is our very Real names, like REAL first names

J.B: To elaborate on that previous question: Why did you decide on this for stage names? What I meant to ask was why your actual names for your stage names versus something made up?

F&M: Actually back in the days we did prefer to appear with our real names. It was just a preference, but think about it differently, its the only name you wont change as you grow older, so as the “Fady & Mina” project.

J.B: So you guys blew up to even greater heights with your remix of “Beautiful Things” by Andain which landed a wonder of the year spot back in 2014; Do you have any more remixes in the works of classic and beloved tracks?

Re-works for classics are always a great idea, and brings those nostalgic moments into our present day!, it does not only happen in music, Reworking Art is wide open in every area, that trend never stops and never gets old. There are loads of amazing classics in the pile that we plan to get our hands on, but at the meantime, we need to think and focus more on our own music, we are eager to create tunes to be added to the ongoing classics list, for the upcoming generations to get that Nostalgic feel again and Rework it ! and the loop keeps going ☺

J.B: You guys tweeted A&B back in February of last year, Jono to be specific, about doing an uplifting remix to “Alchemy”, the response you received was: “Uplifting for me is a feeling not a style”. What do you have to say to that?

Jono’s reply was accurate, honest and legit. We totally agree with him, Uplifting is a Fly-High feeling, but with honest opinion, this song has a lot of uplifting feelings that were not brought to the top, as the track was obviously directed to a very different market. For the fans and for us, it is one of the most beautiful tunes that needs to be put in a proper uplifting form as to experience those hidden feels in the original mix. That is why we have always wanted to remix it, as we believe that we could show all the undiscovered “Uplifting” feelings in this track.

J.B: Speaking of that remix, what happened to it?

Unfortunately, nothing happened with the remix, we did not start working on it though, as we could not get the stems for the track.

J.B: How do you come up with track names?

F&M: It is always in inspiration from something very special happened or happening through various situations in life. It evolves a feeling which translates into a meaning for us based on personal experiences..

J.B: So you guys have mentioned you’re working on an album, how is that coming along and when can we expect first singles and the album itself?

The lab is open and news will be coming out soon! Stay tuned for Album updates in 2018.


J.B: How’s working with the FSOE label, it seems like you guys love it.

HAHA! Yea! Definitely, we love it. Since the early years of FSOE, we did not sign a single Record with any other label; some Artists may find it a bit risky to focus only on one label’s audience. But we believed in the potential of FSOE and in the material we present for the people through that channel, we think the alignment of our model and FSOE is working just great, especially, in our situation, we represent the Future Sound of Egypt, the sound that comes from our home land and represents Egypt in the Electronic Music Industry. Not only loving the label, but we are the very first generation who signed tunes to it and seeing it developing as years run.

Moreover, Experimenting!

We are considering a parallel release plan for other genres as well.

J.B: Something peculiar: not including vocal artists, it seems like you guys haven’t really collaborated with anyone recently, aside from Geert Huinink and Phillipe El Sisi (based off an extensive search through your beatport releases). Any chance on future collaborations with other djs/producers? Can we expect any on the album if yes?

Actually, this is true; we always have this sense of ownership to our music. Building the sound over the years and enhancing the quality of the mixes is something extremely essential and requires hard work. This will actually evolve automatically into collaborations with artists whom their music and ours meet at a certain point. Even with our own productions, we are picky, careful and we respect our audience regarding the product that we present. Not just filling the pile with releases. Quality over Quantity! 


J.B: How about three tracks that are a must in anyone’s live sets?

Hmmm, I see that it is a hard question! It really depends. It is an equation with as much variables as set duration, geographic location, time of the set, etc. and the list goes on !

J.B: Of your gigs recently which have you been most excited about?

F&M: We had many shows in 2017, highlights from Jakarta to TomorrowLand, but the most special to us was DreamState! it was our US debut and we had a great impression about the music scene in USA, also we are so excited to play our debut show in New York City on New Year’s Eve as a part of the massive FSOE500 Celebrations.

*Thank you to ITPFCM for the youtube video*

J.B: Any plans for more US stops? Since you guys had such amazing sets at DS and FSOE NY.

F&M: We would like to be back to the US very soon, it is always a very special show to play. We are planning on having as much visits as we can for our fans all over the states.

J.B: If you couldn’t be DJs/Producers, what would you be in the music industry? Is there any role in the industry that you find interesting? If not, something outside of music?

Fady: Not sure
Mina: I can see myself a Visual Artist and a stage manager !! haha Maybe one day

J.B: Tell us one unexpected thing about yourselves that you think we’d find surprising (doesn’t have to be music related).

F&M: We are very different persons from each other, we both have different directions and even a different way of things, even our musical taste and favorite playlists are not the same. Maybe it hits a match on an item or two that’s it. Our directions meet only in the studio and we are glad it is at least meeting at a point, hahah! 😀  

We believe this kind of diversity might be the reason that our music always touches different sounds and genres.

J.B: And one more specifically for Mina: When will everyone see the first works of Yoda and Mina? Is there any particular reason for having Yoda around, is he one of those items you carry around all the time, do you have any plans for Yoda (besides that instagram page yodastrancetravels).

Mina: Actually Yoda doesn’t belong to me, he is a friend of a very good friend of mine, and he is always cheering up for us and supporting!! So I thought i would show him around what i do before and during our sets. I wish him all the best with his new career as a blogger !!


Thank you both Fady and Mina. It was a pleasure and on behalf of all your fans in the United States, we hope to see you rip through the air ways with your music very soon.

If you weren’t fortunate enough to catch either the DS set or FSOE NY set, no need to fret. You can listen to them both below:


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